Sant Sebastia Hermitage

Look behind Cadaques and you’ll see a hill towering over the town Called Mount Pení- you’ll have come over the pass of this mountain by car to get into Cadaques (unless you arrived by boat). And perched high up on the mountainside, surrounded by cork oak, is the Sant Sebastià Hermitage.

(Shaky) Video of the View From The Top

The house is famous in Cadaques (you can’t miss it) and is owned by a guy called Sebastian Guinness. There is a path that winds its way up the hill from the bay up to the house, and although this is a moderate to difficult walk, it is well worth the effort- for the views alone.

The hermitage is known affectionately as a “talaia” : basically an early warning system to warn the villagers of any unwanted guests arriving by sea.

It’ll take you about an hour and a half to get to the hermitage- start from the Llane Gran beach car park, cross thre Palau irrigation ditch and head on up the mountain. The house is privately owned, so you cannot actually have a look inside (except on the annual open day on its festival day- January 20th).