Casa Anita

The Casa Anita is a Cadaqués legend. You should try this restaurant at least once during your stay. They have been cooking up delicious fish dishes here for over 40 years and have become famous for the freshness of their food.  Sardines and prawns are served directly on the “plancha” (grill). Joan Marti, the owner who took over from his father, used to sing the in menu out to his guests. You might still persuade him to do it!

The menu depend totally on what the Catalna fishermen have managed to catch- this restaurant was a firm favourite of Salvador,  Kirk Douglas, and Yul Brynner among others, so you´ll experience the feel of history here, illustrated by the many photos adorning the walls of Casa Anita

Make sure you book as it gets busy, and the restauarant is not huge- but it retains its charm and dining here is great fun.>
They have a fine selection of Cataln wines and Cavas.

And, what about continuing to celebrate after dining at Casa Anita? The celebration can continue a few meters away . . . just wander through the pub directly into the bar “Anita Nit” (Night), which is the nightly meeting point for “tout Cadaqués”.   
Casa Anita is open year-round, midday and evenings except Monday and for their annual holiday from the end of January until the end of February.

Casa Anita, C./ Miquel Roses, E- 17488 Cadaqués,

Telephone. (+34) 972 25 84 71.

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Typical Menu
Fish Soup
Anchovies from Cadaqués
Escalibada “ANITA”
Cod Carpaccio
Grilled Sardines
Calamares “Anita”
Prawns “a la Plancha” (Grilled)
Lubina Plancha
Dorada Plancha
Sole “a la Plancha”
Cadaqués Fish