Old Town

While we are visiting Cadaques, one of our favorite ways to while away a morning or afternoon, is simply to wander around the Old Town which is the real soul of the place, and gives you a sense of its heritage and history.

The Old Town consists of steep winding cobbled streets peppered with great restaurants serving arroz negro or squid ink paellas, and and fresh fish cooked to perfection. Check out the art galleries, ceramic shops and delicatessens (but make sure you get there before or after lunch- see photo below!).

The Old Town is not huge, but you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll get lost in its winding streets. It gets pretty buzzy at the weekends when all of the Catalan city slickers come up from Barcelona- at any other time it makes for a great option for wandering aimlessly around, readjusting your pace of life to Cadaques time.