Cala Joncols

I have been meaning to do this walk for ages, and finally I got around to hiking over the top to Cala Joncols from Cadaques on my last trip. And what a treat!

Head for the Llane Petit hotel on the south side of the bay, and turn right just before you get to the hotel (just follow the road up). When you get to a junction at the entrance tote Hotel Rocamar, you should see some signs for Cala Joncols- they are either horizontal red & white stripes, or horizontal red & green.

Follow the Stripes!

You need to look out for the trail markings as you head up. You’ll climb up to the back of the town with great vistas along the bay (as if you were heading up to the Sant Sebastian Hermitage. Then there’s a fork, and you head over the spur of the hill towards Cala Joncols.

You’ve Arrived! 10mins to the Cold Drink

The walk takes about 2 hours if you are fit, and maybe 2 1/2, 3 if you take it slowly, but it’s worth it. The views across Roses bay on the other side are stunning, and the geology changes to limestone/marble, so the cliffs plunge into the sea as you approach Cala Joncols.

There’s a great little Xiringuito when you arrive that sells cold drinks and food. Just laze around, and head back when you feel like it!

Wikiloks Cadaques to Roses Trail

This shows the Cala Joncols walk and then extends it to Roses. You can get a bus back to Cadaques, or a taxi for around €30 if there are more of you.

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