Carles Rahola i Llorens

Carles Rahola i Llorens (Born Cadaqués, 1881 – Died Girona, 15 de March 1939) was a journalist, writer, historian and Catalan politician.

He was executed for being a Catalan republican following a military tribunal which handed out the death penalty, and is somewhat of a local hero. There’s a sculpture of him in Girona in the Rambla de la Llibertat which commemorates his civic and political life.

Carles was born in Cadaques on June 29 , 1881 and was murdered by Franco’s regime by the cemetery wall in Girona on March 15 , 1939 , before the age of 58, just one month and eleven days after the ‘ Franco’s troops entered the city.

For more than 30 years, Rahola was undoubtedly one of the intellectual stars of Girona and Catalonia.

He always defended the values ​​of civility, respect and tolerance . In honour of his memory, a secondary school in Girona bears his name, and a sculpture placed on the Ramblas of Liberty celebrates his political and civic work.