Cadaques Bay

Cadaqués Bay itself makes a great leisurely walk. Start off at the main beach, or Platja Gran, or the next mini bay round, at Port Alguer. Wander along the sea wall and through the overhangs following the road as it snakes around the bay.

Cadaques Bay from the south up to the church: The Dali View

It is not a great distance, but theré are plenty of cafés and bars to quench your thirst should you need to. It´s probably a good idea to spend an hour or so (2, 3?) watching the world go by. Once you have tasted a few of the excellent Catalan wines, loop around the north side of the bay. There is a large lively bar right on the front in the centre of town called the Casino l´Amistad, which is a traditional meeting place in the middle of Cadaqués.

There´s always some good people watching to do here! It´s right behind the main square: “El Passeig”, and when there is a fiesta or festa on, this is where the locals come and dance the Sardana: the traditional Catalan dance.

If you continue along the north side of the bay, you will pass a good al fresco restaurant once you round the first mini-headland. Keep going and you will loop around the top of the bay and eventually you will get to Port Ligat (although this is quite a trek). If you are just after a stroll, we recommend that you stop for a bite to eat at the al fresco, and head back to the main town in time for sundowners.

Cadaques Bay from the south up to the church