“I have spent a delightful summer, as always, in the perfect and dreamy town of Cadaqués. There, alongside the Latin sea, I have been quenched by light and colour”. Salvador Dalí

Facing the Mediterranean Sea at the head of a crystal clear bay, Cadaqués was a favourite of both Picasso and Salvador Dalí­ who were drawn to the area’s incredible light and sea breezes.

Cadaques remains a favourite spot for artists and is popular with weekenders from Barcelona and visitors from farther afield. The town has been developed carefully over the years and retains its charm.

Most who discover it return again and again.

Where the pyrenees meet the sea

A former fishing village that was once only accessible by sea, Cadaques sits on the far North-East of Spain, in Catalonia. It is right on the edge of the Cap de Creus Peninsula, where the Pyrenees mountains meet the sea, just south of the French border. We´re are all booked in to visit next June…can´t wait!


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What Dali said

“I have spent a delightful summer, as always, in the perfect and dreamy town of Cadaqués. There, alongside the Latin sea, I have been quenched by light and colour.”

— Salvador Dalí

Who are we?

This site is by run 2 UK expats who have been living in Catalunya (Catalonia) for 18 years. Cadaques is where we go on holiday! If you are after a beach, crystal clear water, some culture, long lunches, great coastal walks and fine wines we think Cadaques is hard to beat. It´s perfect for a short break or a longer stay. Please have a look around for information on this picturesque Catalan fishing town, take a look at our Cadaques photos, or pick up some tips on things to do in Cadaques.

Cadaques has a population of around 2000, but these numbers swell in the summer with visitors from overseas, Barcelona and the surrounding area. There are plenty of restaurants, hotels and bars but having said that, the town has managed to retain its charm, even in the busy summer months. If you want to head to a deserted beach, you’ll find one on one of the many walks through the Cap de Creus Peninsular, or simply rent a dinghy with a small outboard engine and discover some of the bays along the coastline. You can easily while away your time in Cadaques and the surrounding area, or combine it with a trip south to the Costa Brava and the Catalan capital, Barcelona.

Although the prosperous town of Cadaqués has changed immensely from the rundown fishing village that Dalí­ first came to know and love before the First World War, it still retains its charm. Once you leave behind the hustle and bustle of holiday makers in the square (the busy season is blissfully short) and wander off into the rugged terrain around the village, either to the back up the mountain, or along the coast, it does not take long to see how Dali was influenced by the scenary and light.

Costa Brava means “wild coast” and the serene deep blue seas of summer become very different in the winter months when the local wind, the Tramuntana, accelerates off the snow-clad mountain tops of the “Pireneus” and boils up the Mediterranean.
But even at times like these, there is nothing more exhilarating than standing at The Cap de Creus and watching, like Dali­ once did, monster waves crashing against the cliffs, while gannets, gulls and shearwaters dive and soar on the fierce winds.

Around the corner from Cadaqués is Port Lligat, Dali´s home, and these days, a fascinating homage to the man and Gala: his lifelong love. Make sure you wander around the bay from Cadaqués to Port Lligat during your stay. If there is one thing that will blow away the cobwebs, it´s this.

Costa Brava

There are plenty more towns to explore along this stretch of coastline, both north and south of Cadaqués. Read our suggestions in the Costa Brava section.


Cadaqués is about 2 and a half hours north of Barcelona- its location makes it ideal for a city/beach combination holiday.

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Alt Empordà comarca, in the province of Girona, Catalonia